Best Whirlpool Dishwasher

One of the top reliable brands on the market, Whirlpool makes plenty of affordable yet powerful dishwashers. A great majority of dishwashers in this class come with beautiful stainless steel designs, matching integrated panels and tap touch controls. How to choose the right model for your kitchen depends on what comes first on the list of your household priorities. After all, Whirlpool dishwashers in this range offer a set of similar features but the combinations of these qualities tend to vary from model to model.

Top-3 Whirlpool Dishwashers on the Market

Things to Consider

Most Whirlpool dishwashers in this class and price range offer similar sets of key features, showing some minor differences in the tub construction and interior capacity. The sound rating of the dishwashers in this series tend to fall in the quieter or average sound range, producing between 45 dBA and 65 dBA.


Whirlpool offers dishwashers with 2 or 3 racks and various degrees of adjustability. Some models have in-door cutlery baskets and additional sections for cups and other small items. Dishwashers in this range have varying place capacity, typically between 12 and 16. Compact models hold between 7 and 9 place settings.


Both stainless steel and plastic tubs can be adequately durable. However, stainless steel tubs tend to provide serious sound-proofing qualities, resistance to mold, and anti-rust properties. Plastic or hybrid tubs do a great job of masking stains and resisting corrosion.


Defined by annual energy consumption rates, the energy and water efficiency is an important quality to consider if balancing utility bills is an important part of your household life. ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwashers generally consume less energy, usually between 234 kWh and 270 kWh per year.

Review of the Best Whirlpool Dishwashers


The Whirlpool WDF520PADM is a built-in dishwasher with a tall tub and energy-efficient run.

There are 14 place settings with added flexibility of the in-door/in-rack silverware basket. The upper rack provides even more versatility with its cup shelf that clears up to 5 inches more space. To free more space in the lower rack, you can move the silverware basket from the bottom of the rack to the in-door position.

There are 4 cycles: Heavy, Normal, 1-Hour Wash, and Soak & Clean. Integrated soil sensors are able to choose the optimal settings from all main cycles based on the needs of each load.

For more time-efficient wash, select the 1-Hour Wash cycle that uses slightly more water but delivers clean dishes faster.

Additional options include Hi Temp Wash, Sani Rinse®, Heated Dry, 4 Hour Delay, and Control Lock. The NSF-certified Sani Rinse® option sanitizes all kitchen items, removing all common food bacteria. The efficient cycle memory option allows you to select the previous cycle with a touch of one button.

This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® certified, consuming 260 kWh annually, with the average sound level of 55 dBA.


The Whirlpool WDT730PAHZ is a built-in dishwasher with efficient sensor wash options and fan-assisted dry.

There are 5 cycles: Sensor, Heavy, Normal, 1-Hour Wash, and Soak & Clean. Additional options include 24 Hour Delay, Sani Rinse®, Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, and Control Lock.

The Sensor cycle utilizes interior soil sensors to estimate optimal wash settings based on load size and soil levels. The drying settings feature the option of fan assistance to deliver dry dishes faster by removing the moisture with fan-generated hot air. The NSF-certified Sani Rinse® option eliminates all food soil bacteria even from full-capacity loads.

Both nylon-coated racks provide up to 15 place settings. The adjustable upper rack can fit a set of cups or glasses on its plastic cup shelf, and the lower rack features row of fold-down tines and a silverware basket with covers.

The interior combines the durability of stainless steel and stain-concealing properties of dependable plastic construction. The exterior withstands smudges with its fingerprint-resistant  finish, and the hidden top controls are smooth in design and operation.

This Whirlpool dishwasher runs at 51 dBA and meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for energy consumption.


The Whirlpool WDTA50SAHZ is a built-in dishwasher with a stainless steel tub and quiet run.

The 15 available place settings are made possible by the 2-position adjustable upper rack that can be removed, also featuring a plastic cup shelf and 2 rows of fold-down tines. Additionally, the cutlery basket comes with both in-door and in-rack positions. Cell covers are available if you want to prevent the utensils from nesting. 

There are 5 options: Sensor, Heavy, Normal, 1-Hour Wash, and Soak & Clean. The options include 2-4-8 Hour Delay, Hi Temp Wash, Heated Dry, Extended Dry, NSF-certified Sani Rinse®, and Control Lock.

Optimal cleaning can be achieved with the Sensor cycle that adjusts wash settings based on the readings of soil sensors. To improve the normal Heated Dry setting, the Extended Dry option uses more heat and prolongs the drying time to deliver better results.

The washing system is upgraded by the TotalCoverage spray arm that completely covers even full-capacity loads, cleaning every single item.

This model is ENERGY STAR® certified and quiet in operation, running at only 47 dBA. With its fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish and responsive touch controls hidden in the top panel, this Whirlpool dishwasher matches its durable interior with the balanced beauty of modern design.


The Whirlpool WDT970SAHZ is a built-in dishwasher with a quiet sound package and three-level racking.

Featuring a three-level racking system, this model provides up to 15 place settings. The 3rd rack creates neat extra space for flatware and culinary items and can be adjusted or removed to free up space in the upper rack located below.

The upper rack is adjustable, holding 2 height positions and extra item sections such as 2 rows of fold-down tines and a plastic cup shelf. The lower rack features a cell-covered cutlery basket that can also be moed in-door for more space flexibility.

There are 5 options: Sensor, Heavy, Normal, 1-Hour Wash, and Soak & Clean. Other additional options include 24-Hour Delay, Hi Temp Wash, Heated Dry, Extended Dry, NSF-certified Sani Rinse®, and Control Lock.

Integrated soil sensors assist the Sensor cycle in determining optimal cycle parameters, adjusting all settings to suit each individual load based on load size and levels of food grime. 

The overall cleaning quality is improved by the TotalCoverage spray arm that uses more wash jets, ensuring consistent and thorough results.

This is an ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwasher with the quiet operation of 47 dBA.


The Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ is a built-in dishwasher with integrated soil sensors and hidden top controls.

With its 2 nylon-coated racks and in-door/in-rack customizable cutlery basket, this model offers up to 13 place settings. The upper rack also features a spacious 11-inch cup shelf.

There are 5 cycles: Sensor, Heavy, Normal, 1-Hour Wash, and Soak & Clean. Additional options include 24 Hour Delay, Hi Temp Wash, Heated Dry, NSF-certified Sani Rinse®, and Control Lock.

By using soil sensors, this dishwasher is able to select a wash cycle automatically for each individual load. One of the most powerful settings is the Heavy cycle designed for heavily soiled cookware like pots, pans, and casseroles, but also service regular kitchen items.

Hidden top controls and smudge-resistant stainless steel finish provide a balanced modern design. This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® and operates at 51 dBA.


The Whirlpool WDP370PAHB is a portable dishwasher with heavy duty performance and hot temperature wash.

There are 3 main cycles: Heavy, Normal, and 1-Hour Wash. Modifying wash options are Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, 4 Hour Delay, and Control Lock.

As a heavy duty unit, this portable dishwasher features the powerful Heavy cycle designed to clean large cookware, including casseroles and baking trays, with targeted spray jets that eliminate even the messiest stains.

The effective Hi Temp Wash option raises the main cycle temperature to 135°F to handle hard-to-clean items with dried-on food soils. In addition to the Delay Start you can choose the option of last cycle recall to set up the previous wash parameters.

Other features include automatic temperature controls, filter-based wash system, and 12 place settings provided by 2 racks and a lower-level cutlery basket.

This portable model can be connected faster than permanent dishwashers, making it easy to install in work settings and mobile homes.


The Whirlpool WDF330PAHW is a built-in dishwasher with soil sensors and express wash options.

The interior capacity of this Whirlpool dishwasher is 13 place settings, with the upper rack featuring a 5-inch cup shelf and the lower rack holding all types of utensils in its silverware basket.

The main 3 cycles are Heavy, Normal, and 1-Hour Wash. Other wash options include Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, 4 Hour Delay, and Control Lock.

This dishwasher is equipped with soil sensors to ensure greater wash flexibility. By detecting the level of soilage, the sensors allow for adjustment of cycle parameters to achieve optimal performance.

In addition to heavy duty and time-efficient cycles, the wash system also provides the high temperature option and sanitary drying setting. The Heated Dry uses the interior heating

element and ventilation system to dry your dishes faster. The average drying time is 52 minutes.

This model is ENERGY STAR® certified and comfortably quiet, producing around 55 dBA.


The Whirlpool WDF560SAFM is a built-in dishwasher with durable racks and extended drying options.

With 3 spray arms operating on up to 5 levels, effective filter-based wash system, and water-saving cycles, this Whirlpool dishwasher delivers optimal cleaning at lower energy rates.

There are 5 cycles: Sensor, Heavy, Normal, Light, and 1-Hour Wash. Extended wash options include 24 Hour Delay, NSF-certified Sani Rinse®, Hi Temp Wash, Heated Dry, Air Dry, and Control Lock.

The energy-efficient Light cycle uses less water and cleans lightly soiled loads, while the Heavy cycle is aimed at larger loads with high levels of soilage. The drying process is available with the heater-based option and air-drying option. Cycle memory option is also available, selecting the previous wash parameters at a touch of a button.

The 2 nylon racks provide 12 place settings, including the space offered by the cushion-tip tines in the upper rack and the cell-covered cutlery basket in the lower rack. Other helpful features include the optical rinse aid level indicator, easy-to-use front controls, and durable stainless steel tub.

This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® certified and Kosher Consumer Friendly. Its average cycle operation produces only 50 dBA.


The Whirlpool WDF518SAHM is a compact dishwasher with flexible interior capacity and low energy consumption rates.

Even with its compact dimensions, this dishwasher is able to provide decent interior space capacity of 8 place settings made possible with the highly flexible racking.

The adjustable upper rack offers more space by including a fold-down wire cup shelf, and the extended lower rack can hold a number of kitchen items in the removable utility basket.

There are 5 cycles: Heavy, Normal, Light, Quick, and Rinse. Additional options are Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, and 24 Hour Delay. The option of last cycle recall allows you to save more time by simply choosing the previous wash programme.

In addition to heavy duty and light soil cycles, the time-efficient Rinse setting takes only 20 minutes to clean slightly dirty dishes, glasses, and silverware. 

Consuming only 234 kWh a year, this dishwasher is ADA compliant and meets ENERGY STAR® standards. Its normal operational sound level is a quiet 50 dBA.

In Conclusion

How do you use a Whirlpool dishwasher?

Your dishwasher will always perform better when it’s loaded and used correctly. To get the best washing performance out of your appliance, remember to follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the load. This includes scraping leftover food, removing bones and toothpicks, as well as taking off the labels from containers. All items that you plan to load inside the dishwasher should be dishwasher-safe.
  2. When loading upper and lower racks, avoid crowding the items. Make sure nothing is blocking the spray arms or detergent dispenser. Items should be placed face down to receive direct water sprays.
  3. Load smaller plates, saucers, glasses, tea cups, plastics and lids in the upper rack. Some Whirlpool dishwashers include special cup shelves designed for better hold of such items.
  4. Load all large dishes, mixing bowls, cookware such as pots, pans, casseroles, and baking trays in the lower rack.
  5. Place cutlery and other utensils in the silverware basket. Baskets with covers provide special slots for each utensil type. Sharp items should be placed with the sharp end pointing down. Some manuals feature illustrated directions for better ways to group cutlery in specified basket sections.
  6. If your dishwasher has a culinary rack located on the third level above the upper rack, use it for loading flatware and other long or oddly-shaped items.
  7. Add the detergent of your choice. Use only automatic detergent. Pre-measured tablets or packs are placed in the larger section in the dispenser tray.
  8. Add rinse aid. To do that, open the rinse aid lid, pour the liquid until the indicator shows it’s full, then close the lid.
  9. Choose the cycle using your control panel.
  10. Choose the required modifying wash option for your cycle.
  11. Monitor the progress via the timer display and indicator lights.

How do I reset my Whirlpool dishwasher?

If you are experiencing issues with your dishwasher’s controls, you can solve them by resetting the control panel.

  • If your Whirlpool dishwasher is connected to the power source via an outlet, disconnect it from the source for 1 minute, then plug it back in.
  • If your dishwasher is hardwired, the solution is to turn off the breaker on the electrical panel that supplies your home with power supply. Keep it turned off for 1 minute, then turn it back on.

Do Whirlpool dishwashers have a reset button?

Most control panels on Whirlpool dishwashers feature a Start/Cancel button or a Start/Drain feature. This will cancel any programmed process or utilize the pump to drain all water from the tub.

However, if you want to reset the controls electronically, some Whirlpool dishwashers with electronic controls respond to a specific succession of input commands.

In order for it to work, the door of the dishwasher must be open. Once it’s open, press Heated Dry → Normal → Heated Dry → Normal in this exact succession. The buttons must be pressed within the three seconds of the first pressed Heated Dry button.

How do you run a clean cycle on a Whirlpool dishwasher?

Your Whirlpool dishwasher must be cleaned at least once a month. Machine clean cycles are essentially normal cycles without any dishes or detergent. Instead, it’s recommended to place one or two cups of white vinegar in the lower rack and run the normal cycle in its entirety.

Don’t use heated dry options. Run the dishwasher through a complete washing cycle using an air-dry or energy-saving dry option.

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