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Portable dishwashers are essential for everyone who simply can’t afford more floor space. This includes small kitchens, cramped rec rooms at the office, and portable living spaces like recreation vehicles or a holiday boats. If you don’t have enough space for a portable dishwasher on wheels, a better alternative is a countertop dishwasher. Those are placed directly on the countertop surface and connected to your sink, so you won’t have to renovate your entire kitchen. Before buying either of those portable models, it might be wise to review the top rated consumer choices in this category.

Top-3 Portable Dishwashers on the Market

Best GE Portable Dishwasher
Best Whirlpool Portable Dishwasher
Best SPT Portable Dishwasher

Things to Consider

Choosing the right portable dishwasher for your kitchen depends on either how much space you have available or the amount of space you can potentially free up for the purpose of installation. There are free-standing models with caster wheels for larger areas and ultra-compact countertop dishwashers for smaller spaces with limited options. Both types of dishwashers share a number of key features.


Most caster-based models come with 2 racks, offering between 8 and 12 place settings. Countertop dishwashers tend to hold between 4 and 6 place settings within one rack.


The number of cycles range from the standard 3 and up to 8. Some dishwashers are designed for heavy duty use and include special cycles for heavily soiled items. If you want to watch your utility bills, look out for express cycles and programmes for delicate dishware.


Countertop dishwashers are generally designed with mono finishes like white or black, with more expensive models offering durable stainless steel exteriors. Portable dishwashers on wheels come with a variety of finishes for greater compatibility with different kitchen layouts.


Most portable dishwashers on wheels emphasize the width which generally fits with the 24-inch standard. If you need more compact models, pay attention to 22-inch and 18-inch designs. When buying a countertop dishwasher, it’s vital to measure the available space under your kitchen cabinets and compare it to the height of your chosen model. Most countertop dishwashers are measured at slightly above 17 inches in height. If you don’t have cabinets but plant to install a countertop model on a free-standing counter or other non-standard elevation, check the width and depth of the dishwasher and match it with your dimensions. Typically, the depth of these models varies between 19-21 inches and the width averages at 21-22 inches.

Review of the Best Portable Dishwashers


The GE GSC3500DWW is a portable dishwasher with superior filtration and 3-level wash system.

The 3 wash arms attend to each level with individual precision, applying the upper dome arm and middle tower arm to increase cleaning results, while the lower rack wash arm covers the additional silverware basket.

The process is further enhanced by the 2-stage filtration system. In addition to the system’s self-cleaning properties, the Piranha™ hard food disposer pulverizes large food particles, protecting the system from clogging.

There are 5 cycles and 2 options, namely Normal Wash, Heavy Wash, Pots & Pans, Plate Warmer, Rinse Only, Heated Dry On/Off, and Hot Start.

For heavily soiled dishes and large cookware, you can select either the Pots & Pans cycle or Heavy Wash and skip on manual pre-rinsing. The time-efficient Rinse cycle aimed for light loads releases rinse aid to deliver clean dishes faster, while the Plate Warmer speeds up the heater-assisted drying process.

This portable GE dishwasher comes in all-white finish with a decorative laminate wood grain top, providing a stylish and protective work surface, while the tub and throw-latch door are lined with light and efficient Permatuf™ plastic.

The TouchTap™ front controls feature cycle progress indicators, 4 touchpads, and a dial. Equipped with the QuietPower™ motor, this dishwasher runs at a comfortable 64 dBA. When used with an electric water heater, the yearly energy consumption of this model is reduced to 295 kWh.


The Whirlpool WDP370PAHB is a portable dishwasher with sensor wash options and time-efficient performance.

Able to hold up to 12 place settings, this dishwasher utilizes 2 wash arms on 4 levels for optimal coverage of both racks and lower-level silverware basket.

The filter-based cleaning system automatically adds detergent and rinse aid, with the latter also enhancing the drying programme.

This is a heavy-duty model featuring the Heavy Wash cycle for cleaning the hardest stains even with a full load capacity.

Other available cycles are Normal Wash that can automatically adjust water temperature based on soil sensor data, and 1-Hour Wash that cleans the dishes faster, cutting down on cycle time and water intake. Additional options include Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, 4 Hour Delay, Control Lock, and Last Cycle Recall.

With its stylish black finish and matching front control panel, this portable Whirlpool dishwasher is a great fit for most modern kitchen designs and other kitchen appliances. It operates at 64 dBA and can be easily connected via supplied installation kit.


The SPT SD-9241W is a free-standing portable dishwasher with a quick connect system and wide range of wash programmes.

There are 6 cycles: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse, and Speed with the additional 24-hour Delay Start option and residual heat drying system.

The 3-part filtration system includes main filter, coarse filter, and fine filter, ensuring consistent cleaning results. The detergent and rinse agent are released automatically, and the rinse aid setting can additionally be adjusted for different cycles.

This dishwasher offers 8 place settings, with the silverware basket in the lower rack holding a variety of utensils and the height-adjustable upper rack providing extra cup shelves.

The model comes with a quick connect faucet adapter assembly and power cord located on the back panel, making the installation fast and easy. It’s ENERGY STAR® certified, operating at only 55 dBA.

Equipped with four casters and reaching only 18 inches in width, this SPT dishwasher is a compact and flexible solution for strict kitchen layouts.


The hOmeLabs HME010033N is a portable stand-alone dishwasher with an ergonomic design and LED display control panel.

The countertop design of this model provides 6 place settings held by the interior dish rack, silverware basket, and a cup shelf.

There are automatic detergent and rinse aid dispensers as well as the front panel light indicators showing whenever it’s time to refill the tray.

There are 6 cycles, including Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Speed, and Rinse, with the efficient 2-4-8 Hour Delay Start option. The Speed cycle takes only 45 minutes to complete, and Rinse is an express 24-minute long programme.

With the dual action spray arm ensuring efficient washing performance, this hOmeLabs dishwasher uses only 3.1 gallons per average cycle, making it ENERGY STAR® compliant.

Made suitable for small kitchens and limited office settings, this model offers easy and fast installation with a quick connect kit that includes a faucet adapter for universal compatibility.


The EdgeStar DWP62SV is a portable dishwasher with 7 energy-efficient cycles and large stainless steel interior.

The spacious single-rack capacity amounts to 6 place settings with an extra cup shelf and silverware basket. Overall cleaning performance is improved by the automatic detergent dispenser and adjustable rinse aid tray with level indicators. 

The 7 cycles include Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Baby Care, Speed, and Rinse.

The standout Baby Care programme is meant for lightly soiled loads like baby bottles, glassware, fine china, and crystal. The Rinse cycle is a great way to clean lightly soiled cutlery and glassware in under 24 minutes instead of rinsing the items by hand.

The additional 24-hour Delay Start option is easy to set up with the delay increase and decrease buttons located on either side of the LED display. The stylish control panel indicates cycle status, error codes and overflow detector alerts.

This EdgeStar dishwasher is extremely easy to install on any countertop, especially in small kitchen areas. It comes with all required accessories, namely quick connect adapter, faucet adapter, drain hose, and water inlet hose.

This model is ENERGY STAR® and ensures a quiet 52 dBA run.


The SPT SD-9241SS is a free-standing portable dishwasher with durable stainless steel finish and flexible interior capacity.

With 6 energy-efficient cycles, including All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse, and Speed, this model balances high performance rates with considerable utility economy.

Speed and Rinse cycles last only 45 and 24 minutes long, respectively, while the Heavy programme is able to scrub tough stains from all types of cookware. Additionally, the 24-hour Delay Start can wash dishes whenever it’s most convenient for you.

The 2 racks house up to 8 place settings, with the upper rack providing required adjustability and extra cup sections, and the lower rack allowing for wider items with its removable cutlery basket.

This 18-inch compact model is mounted on caster wheels and can be easily connected as it requires no permanent installation. In addition, this model is ENERGY STAR® compliant and runs at 55 dBA.


The Black+Decker BCD6W is a portable countertop dishwasher with quick connection and responsive touch controls.

The durable stainless steel interior holds 6 place settings and is able to fit items as tall as 10 inches. The large rack features a silverware basket and a cup shelf, providing enough space for kitchenware of all types.

The 7 cycles are Heavy, Normal, Baby Care, Eco, Glass, Speed, Rinse, with additional options of 24-hour Start Delay and Child Lock.

The Baby Care cycle is suited for delicate items, while Speed and Rinse clean the dishes faster and with lower water intake rates.

This model comes with a stylish touch control panel featuring an LED display that indicates programme status, error codes, time delay, and low rinse aid level warnings.

Operating at 60 dBA and featuring a quick connect assembly kit, this Black+Decker dishwasher is a great fit for small households, offices, rec rooms, and vacation homes.


The Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 is a portable multi-cycle dishwasher with a stainless steel interior and flexible countertop design.

The single-rack capacity is expanded to 6 place settings by the addition of a silverware basket and a cup shelf which accommodate a wide range of kitchenware.

There are 6 cycles, including Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Speed, and Rinse, with the additional 24-hour Delay Start.

The Heavy setting can scrub all tough stains even when the rack is fully loaded, while the Speed cycle takes only 45 minutes of your time. Depending on the programme, this model consumes between 3.83 and 1.32 gallons, making it highly efficient.

You can use powder and tablets as main detergent which is released automatically. The same goes for the rinse agent dispenser with the addition of low level light indicators located on the front panel.

The convenience of this model is supported by the automatic shut-off, hygienic drying system, and anti-flood sensors that protect the dishwasher and your countertop surface from leaks and water damage.

This Magic Chef dishwasher comes with a faucet adapter connection, offering easy installation in small spaces. It operates at 55 dBA, meeting the needs of small kitchens and office rec rooms.


The Della 032-DW-626BK is a portable stainless steel dishwasher with compact dimensions designed for small households and non-standard kitchen spaces.

This is a heavy duty model able to withstand long periods of intensive usage with water temperatures as high as 148°F.

There are 6 cycles: Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Speed, and Rinse that provide simultaneous cleaning of 6 place settings.

The Eco and Speed options are aimed to save you time and energy, and the Glass programme is a smart choice for delicate items like fine china and crystal. In addition, the Rinse cycle and 2-4-8 Hour Delay Start option both accommodate the needs of your schedule.

This Della dishwasher is easily installed via kitchen faucet in your home, office rec room, or RV, with the drain hose connecting to the sink’s drain system.

Running at 55 dBA, this model doesn’t disrupt other activities and is easy to operate regardless of its placement.


The Westland Sales DWV335BBS is a built-in dishwasher with ultra-compact design and integrated electronic controls.

Holding 6 place settings, the single rack offers a spacious silverware basket and a cup shelf that can fit different types of utensils and glassware.

The durable stainless steel interior is fitted with the overflow flood protection sensors, easy-clean filter, and built-in self diagnostics.

The 7 cycles are Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Speed, Rinse, Soak, as well as the additional option of Delay Start. Cycle time varies from 110 minutes to the efficient 24 minutes.

This model uses between 2.4 and 4.2 gallons of water per cycle, depending on the setting, and provides long service due to reinforced casing and stainless steel materials. The sleek modern design complements any kitchen while taking up the least amount of space.

In Conclusion

Are portable dishwashers good?

Generally, portable and countertop models are a good choice for small kitchens or those in need of a dishwasher for extremely restricted working spaces. Portable dishwashers offer an array of useful functions and features similar to built-in models and can be moved with more ease. Most of the dishwashers of this type can be hooked up directly to the faucet and drained via kitchen sink, so they are not particularly suitable for people looking for appliances with permanent installation.ц

How do you hook up a portable dishwasher?

Most portable dishwashers come with a faucet adapter assembly, containing a faucet adapter, quick connect, drain hose, and inlet hose.

Before hooking up the dishwasher itself, you must install the faucet adapter from the kit. The faucet adapter is generally compatible with both male and female threaded connections of the faucet.

  1. Begin the installation by screwing the faucet adapter onto the faucet tap. Once done, remember to check for leaks. In case there is a need to insulate from possible leaks, apply plumbers tape or thread seal tape.
  2. Now connect the drain port located at the back of the dishwasher to the drain hose connection. Keep in mind that tightening them too hard might damage the threads, so it’s recommended to use moderate force.
  3. Find the inlet port at the back of the dishwasher and connect it to the star-shaped connection of the inlet hose. Tighten it firmly but, again, avoid excessive strength.
  4. Locate the longer male connection on the quick connect—usually the bottom one—and attach it to the circular connection end of the drain hose.
  5. Now attach the circular connection of the inlet hose to the shorter male connection located at the top of the quick connect.
  6. Pull down the locking collar of the now complete quick connect and push the entire assembly onto the faucet adapter to mount it.
  7. Once in position, let go of the locking collar. The quick connect assembly is now secured onto the faucet adapter. Re-check the connection to prevent any leaks.
  8. Open the hot water line slowly and watch for any leaks in the assembly. In case there are leakages, turn off the water and retrace your steps until the assembly is fully secure.

In cases when the faucet adapter and the quick connect assembly are incompatible, connect the faucet adapter directly to the faucet.

  • For faucets with female threaded connections, install the rubber washers inside the adapter
  • For faucets with male threaded connections, install the standard rubber washer that comes with the adapter kit and remove the second rubber washer. The standard rubber washer should be 0.2 inches thick.

Does Bosch make a portable dishwasher?

Bosch generally specializes in built-in dishwashers with permanent installation while still having a few free-standing models on offer. This includes the compact table top Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E22EU with 6 place settings, though it’s mainly aimed for EU-based customers.

How long should a portable dishwasher last?

Like their fully integrated counterparts, average portable dishwashers tend to last for about 10 years. With the right maintenance and consistent care, you can prolong the life of your portable dishwasher to 13 years, with some brands working for as long as 15.

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