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Many small kitchens and office spaces simply can’t afford regular dishwashers. When your space is limited, the only solution is a compact dishwasher that can be placed on top of the counter or table. Some mobile homes and recreational vehicles can only support dishwashers with the quick connection system, so portable countertop models become the best and only option to improve the general hygiene in your kitchen. The right model for your needs essentially depends on what you consider your main priority, whether it’s the matching design and color or more ergonomic configuration.

Top-3 Countertop Dishwashers

Best hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwasher
Best Magic Chef Countertop Dishwasher
Best Danby Countertop Dishwasher

Things to Consider

Most countertop dishwashers share a number of key features, with some top end models including extra capacity options to boost flexibility.


Countertop dishwashers are equipped with one rack that usually holds a silverware basket, a cup shelf and flip tines, offering from 6 to 7 place settings.


Most countertop models provide 6 to 7 cycle settings, with some extra options for increasing cleaning performance.


Most common designs feature white, black, and silver finishes. Stainless steel exterior tends to affect the price but also proves to be more durable.


Most brands aim to make the height of their countertop dishwashers as short as possible. The height of these models tends to vary between 17 inches and 22 inches. The depth and width measures at 19-21 inches and 21-22 inches respectively. Remember to measure your under-cabinet and counter dimensions before purchasing a countertop dishwasher and always re-check your measurements to see if they match with the size of the unit.

Review of the Best Countertop Dishwashers


The hOmeLabs HME010033N is a portable countertop dishwasher with compact build and quick installation.

The single spacious rack offers 6 place settings, including extra space for utensils in the silverware basket and for glassware on a cup shelf with tall glasses fitting right under it.

The cleaning system is improved by the built-in filter, automatic dispensers of detergent and rinse aid, and dual action wash arm for full coverage.

There are 6 cycles: Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Speed, and Rinse, with the additional 2-4-8 Hour Delay Start option.

Heavily soiled cookware and dishes with dry stains can be cleaned with the help of the Heavy setting that can scrub off the toughest stains, while the Speed cycle is good for lighter soils, lasting only 45 minutes.

This dishwasher comes with a quick connect kit that includes a faucet adapter, drain pipe connector, dispenser inlet pipe connector, inlet hose and drain hose. The installation is therefore quick and worry-free.

On average, this model consumes only 3.1 gallons per cycle with the maximum noise level of 55 dBA, making it energy-efficient as well as a great match for small kitchen settings.


The Magic Chef MCSCD6W5 is an energy-saving compact dishwasher with reliable safety measures and minimal water intake rates.

The stainless steel interior houses a spacious rack with a silverware basket, flip tines, and a cup shelf, providing 6 place settings for different types of kitchenware.

There are 6 cycles, including Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Speed, and Rinse. They range from 110 minutes to 24, with the most powerful Heavy cycle clocking at 100 minutes and the 24-minute long Rinse aiming to clean small loads. The 24-hour Delay Start option is also available.

Depending on the cycle, this dishwasher consumes between 3.83 and 1.32 gallons, with its intake average amounting to 3.1 gallons and making the wash rates highly efficient.

Removable three-part filter system enhances the cleaning performance, while the multi-type detergent and adjustable rinse aid dispensers ensure automatic release.

Other key features include hygienic residual heat drying system, automatic shut-off, and anti-flood device that provides ample floor protection.

This model is supplied with a quick connect kit for easy installation in any setting. Once connected, it runs smoothly and quietly at only 55 dBA.


The Danby DDW621WDB is a compact dishwasher with durable design and quiet operation.

This is a 6-place setting dishwasher with a cup shelf, cutlery basket, and extra space for glasses. Featuring 6 cycles, including Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Speed, and Rinse, this model offers energy efficient washing at only 3.1 gallons per average cycle.

There are also effective time-saving programmes such as the 20-minute long Glass setting and the additional option of 2-4-6-8 Hour Delay to further accommodate your schedule.

Automatic detergent and rinse aid dispensers in combination with improved spray arm ensure thorough cleaning, while three-stage filtration removes all food particles.

The durable stainless steel interior means the run of this model doesn’t exceed 52 dBA while at the same time ensuring longer service. This Danby dishwasher is able to fit under most cabinets and on all regular countertops. It connects to most faucets with the quick connect assembly kit.


The EdgeStar DWP62SV is a multi-cycle dishwasher with a quiet run and certified energy output.

There are 6 place settings provided by the roller-equipped rack with a silverware basket and a cup shelf. Digital front controls show cycle status and rinse aid levels with indicator lights, informing of delay time and error codes via an LED display.

The 7 cycles include Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Baby Care, Speed, Rinse, and the 24-hour Delay Start option.

Aimed for light loads, the Baby Care cycle can clean fine china, glassware, baby bottles, and other delicate items. The 24-minute long Rinse cycle and 45-minute long Speed cycle can serve as energy-saving options. 

Floor protection is supported by the overflow sensor and leak protection system, while auto shut-off and stainless steel interior facilitate faster drying. 

This EdgeStar dishwasher can fit on most countertops with the quick connect installation kit, making it suitable for small kitchen spaces. It’s ENERGY STAR® certified and runs at only 52 dBA.


The Della 032-DW-909BK is a portable dishwasher with compact dimensions and beautiful black finish.

This model comes with 6 place settings, including the plastic cup shelf and cutlery basket for holding tea sets and various utensils.

The 6 cycles are Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Speed, Rinse, and the 2-4-8 Hour Delay Start to suit your daily schedule. A great choice for washing delicate items as well as saving water, the Glass cycle is suitable for fine china, crystal, and fragile glassware.

This Della dishwasher is designed to clean heavy loads, allowing the maximum water heater temperature of 148°F, while detergent and rinse aid dispensers release cleaning agents automatically.

With beautiful black stainless steel finish and direct hook up to the sink, this quiet model can match any layout, especially small kitchens and vacation homes.


The SPT D-2224DS is spacious countertop dishwasher with a wide selection of cycles and certified energy performance.

There are 7 cycles: Heavy, Normal, Light, Mini Part, Rinse, Speed, Soak, as well as the 2-4-6-8 Hour Delay.

With the efficient 20-minute Mini Party cycle you can give your glasses, china, and crystal a quick clean, and the 10-minute Rinse setting will pre-wash the load before the main cycle.

The spacious rack features a silverware basket and a cup shelf, making space for 6 place settings in total. Automatic detergent and rinse aid release and residual heat drying complete the efficient cleaning process.

This SPT dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® certified, consuming only 203 kWh per year. The quick installation, energy efficiency and quiet run make this model a great fit for small kitchens and mobile homes.


The Black+Decker BCD6W is a compact tabletop dishwasher with smooth touch-sensitive controls and efficient washing options.

This is a spacious countertop model, fitting 6 place settings with height clearance for 10-inch tall dinner plates, silverware basket for utensils, and a cup shelf for various cups and glasses.

The 7 cycles include Heavy, Normal, Baby Care, Eco, Glass, Speed, Rinse, with extra 24-hour Start Delay and Child Lock options. The Baby Care cycle is meant for delicate glassware, and Rinse can clean light loads in just 24 minutes.

The stylish black and white finish of this dishwasher is enhanced by the responsive touch control panel with an LED display, providing time delay countdown, status information, error codes, and rinse aid warnings.

The addition of the quick connect assembly kit makes this model highly efficient, specifically for small kitchens and rec rooms.


The Ivation IVADWCTWT is a portable dishwasher with 6 cycles and 6 place settings.

This compact dishwasher is able to hold 6 place settings, including most types of cutlery and glassware.

The 6 cycles are Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Speed, Rinse, with a Delay Start option and cycle halt button. You can cut down on your water intake by selecting the Eco cycle used best for lightly soiled loads and delicate items.

As a portable model, this Ivation comes with a quick connect kit that includes both the drain hose and inlet hose with required connections, drain and inlet port connections, faucet adapter with washers and all connections, locking collar, and the quick connect assembly. The assembly makes the dishwasher easy to hook up in any restricted setting.

Clean white finish and durable stainless steel interior add to the long-lasting performance and complete the look of your kitchen.


The SPT SD-2202S is a stainless steel countertop dishwasher with delicate cycles and a pre-wash system.

This compact model features a silverware basket and a cup shelf located in the single spacious rack, all adding up to 6 place settings.

There are 6 main cycles: Glass, Heavy, Light, Normal, Soak, and Speed, with the extra 2-4-6-8 Hour Delay option. On average, the annual power consumption amounts to 220 kWh.

Each wash cycle is served by automatic detergent and rinse aid dispensers and completed with the residual heat drying process. The interior is fitted with durable stainless steel, topped off with silver stainless steel finish and easy-to-use dial controls to complement your kitchen area.

With its quick connect kit and ergonomic size, this SPT dishwasher is a great fit for limited kitchen spaces at home and at the office.


The Ensue 99831 is a compact 22-inch dishwasher with energy-saving wash options and clean silver finish.

This is a portable and compact model, holding 6 place settings and providing 6 wash cycles. The inner capacity can fit a variety of kitchenware with the addition of the silverware basket and a neat cup shelf.

The cycles are Heavy, Light, Mini Party, Normal, Rinse, and Speed. The Mini Party and Speed programmes are a good selection for cleaning delicate items and lightly soiled glassware, cutting down on water consumption.

This Ensue dishwasher will suit most kitchen designs as well as portable cooking spaces. It’s easy to connect to your sink with the quick connect kit, and the beautiful stainless steel finish incorporates the matching control panel with helpful status light indicators.

This 22-inch compact model consumes only 203 kWh a year, ensuring a safe and cost-effective run. The sound rating of 55 dBA also adds to its undisruptive and pleasant operation.


The Whynter CDW-6831WES is a portable dishwasher suitable for small kitchens, office spaces, mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

Durable stainless steel interior provides the space and loading flexibility necessary to accommodate 6 place settings.

Each cycle is enhanced by the built-in three-stage filtration system and automatic detergent and rinse aid dispensers.

The 6 cycles are Heavy, Normal, Baby Care, Eco, Glass, Speed, with the additional 24-hour Delay Start and Control lock.

Easy to use front control panel implement a digital monitor with a timer and a set of status indicators. The dishwasher features a quick connect assembly kit with drain and inlet hoses for more convenient installation.

Energy-efficient and compact, this Whynter dishwasher fits all small kitchen spaces, improving general hygiene and balancing area distribution.


The Fisher & Paykel DD24SAX9 is a drawer dishwasher with wash modifiers and flexible capacity.

This compact model offers 7 place settings with flip tines, a foldable cup shelf, and a flexible cutlery basket that features removable anti-nesting grid and cutlery tablet tray. The rack is able to fit large dinner plates with up to 11.5 inches in diameter.

The 6 main cycles are Heavy, Normal, Normal Eco, Fast, Delicate, Rinse, which you can boost with extra wash modifiers, namely the Extra dry, Quick, and Sanitize options. There is also a useful 12-hour Delay option to accommodate your daily schedule.

The Sanitize option increases the water temperature during the rinse phase to deliver cleaner and more hygienic items. It’s a great choice for baby bottles and conservation dishware.

With the Extra dry option, the dishwasher raises the water temperature during the final rinse, prolonging the drying process and removing excess moisture.

The Quick option is aimed at speeding up the washing process by adding more water and using extra power while keeping the performance energy-efficient.

Flow-through detergent dispenser is compatible with most detergent types, and the detergent tray located in the cutlery basket can also use solid dishwasher tablets for better cleaning results.

The smooth silver stainless steel finish and inconspicuous control panel with a digital display  match well with any kitchen design while delivering longer performance due to the durable interior able to withstand heavy usage.

This dishwasher has a whisper-quiet 45 dBA run, making it suitable for workplace rec rooms and dorms. It’s ENERGY STAR® certified and ADA compliant.


The Westland Sales DWV335BBS is a countertop dishwasher with fully-integrated controls and a dedicated protection system.

With 6 place settings, silverware basket and a cup shelf, this compact model accommodates different kitchenware of many shapes and sizes.

The 7 cycles are Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Speed, Rinse, Soak, as well as the additional option of Delay Start.

Your countertop and dishwasher hardware are protected by the overflow flood protection sensors that monitor water levels and prevent leaks. The dishwasher also features built-in self diagnostics and three-stage filter system which is easy to clean.

Using between 2.4 and 4.2 gallons of water depending on each cycle, this Westland Sales dishwasher is a great energy saver. Its reinforced casing ensure longer life cycle, and the durable stainless steel interior is coupled with sleek black finish, adding style to any kitchen space.

In Conclusion

How do you hook up a countertop dishwasher?

Most countertop dishwashers come with a compatible quick connect assembly that usually consists of:

  • Drain hose with drain port connection and quick connect connection
  • Inlet hose with inlet port connection and quick connect connection
  • Faucet adapter with washer rubbers compatible with male and female threaded faucet connections
  • Quick connect with a pressure relief valve, faucet adapter connection, inlet hose connection, drain hose connection, and locking collar.

At the back of your dishwasher you will usually find a power cord, an inlet port and a drain port. Start, however, with preparing the faucet.

  1. Install the faucet adapter onto the faucet tap. If there are leaks, fix them with thread seal tape.
  2. Attach the drain hose connection to the drain port on the rear of the dishwasher. Screw it carefully to avoid damaging the threads.
  3. Attach the star-shaped inlet hose connection to the inlet port on the rear of the dishwasher. This should also be done with care as too much force can damage the threads.
  4. Take the drain hose and find the circular connection. Attach the drain hose connection to the bottom male connection located on the quick connect.
  5. The circular connection of the inlet hose should be attached to the top male connection of the quick connect, usually the shorter one.
  6. Find the locking collar on the exterior of the quick connect and pull it down. While holding it in this position, push the quick connect onto the faucet adapter with upward motion. Release the locking collar once the quick connect is secure on the faucet adapter. 
  7. Open the hot water supply, but slowly and carefully. This is done to see whether all new hose connections show any leaks. If so, close the line and reinstall hose connections.

Keep in mind that the inlet hose is put under pressure as soon as you open the water line, so you need to relieve it. Close the faucet, then find the red pressure relief button on the quick connect. Press and keep it on hold until the water flow stops.

Can a countertop dishwasher be permanently installed?

Even though countertop dishwashers, like all portable models, aren’t designed for permanent installation, they can still be converted and permanently connected if the need for it arises. Remember that certain dishwashers aren’t suitable for undercounter installation due to their control panel position or loading system.

Most portable dishwashers are supplied with their own connection kit, namely a water inlet hose that connects to a faucet, and a drain hose that drains into the sink. If you want your countertop dishwasher permanently installed, you need to replace these supply lines with permanent plumbing connections.

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