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Bosch offers a wide selection of dishwashers suited for any household or office. Whether it’s a budget to luxury model, Bosch makes reliable and efficient appliances. The abundance of options can make choosing the right Bosch dishwasher for your kitchen rather difficult, so it might be a good idea to begin your search with the overview of best rated models.

Top-3 Bosch Dishwashers

Things to Consider

Bosch dishwashers that are priced within the same range tend to share a number of key features. Often they are classified based on capacity, sound rating, cleaning performance, and various safety features.


Recent models are often equipped with the third rack, adjustable upper rack and extra utility shelves or baskets to achieve considerable advantages in capacity. Sometimes the number of place settings isn’t determined by the number of racks and vice versa, instead correlating to the general size of the appliance.

Sound Range

High performance Bosch dishwashers generally work within the quieter range as well as the quietest. The sound rating is measured in A-weighted decibels, or dBA, and typically falls between 40 dBA and 50 dBA.


Bosch dishwashers often feature more or less the same selection of cycles, with certain models aiming higher by including faster eco cycles and extended drying options.


This predominantly covers leak and overflow protection systems, water softeners, and durable tub materials.


Most Bosch dishwashers in this range come with stainless steel finishes. Some slightly differ in shade and matte levels, while front control models offer different panel colors.

Review of the Best Bosch Dishwashers


The Bosch SHE3AR75UC is a built-in dishwasher from the Ascenta series with adjustable racking system and energy-saving performance. 

This Ascenta model is equipped with 300 series racks, including the height-adjustable upper rack and spacious lower rack with removable long silverware basket, all of which adds up to 14 place settings in total.

There are 6 cycles and 2 options, namely Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Regular, Delicate/Economy Wash, Quick Wash, Auto Half Load, Sanitize and 24-hour Delay Start Timer.

The standout Power Scrub Plus cycle is aimed at heavy soiled cookware and full capacity loads, scrubbing the toughest stains that are near impossible to remove manually. You can also safely clean your fragile china with the Delicate setting and reduce water intake with the 30-minute long Quick Wash cycle.

After each cycle’s completion, the PureDry™ system applies high temperature wash, allowing the dishes to dry via closed-space condensation.

This Bosch dishwasher features hybrid tub construction, combining stainless steel and polypropylene for increased durability. Moreover, the dishwasher protects its hardware as well as your kitchen floors from potential water damage with the Bosch 24/7 Overflow Protection System® that detects and prevents leakages. 

This is an ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher whose EcoSense™ system can save you up to 280 gallons of water per year. This model operates within the quieter range of 50 dBA.


The Bosch SHXM4AY55N is a 100 series dishwasher with load size sensors and a three-level racking system.

The inner space amounts to 15 place settings, increasing total capacity by 30% with the addition of the 3rd rack. The upper rack features the RackMatic® system, allowing you to adjust it into 3 height settings and 9 positions. The long silverware basket is not restricted to the lower rack and can fit anywhere in the dishwasher.

The 5 cycles and 4 options are Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Regular, 1 Hour, Rinse & Hold, Chrystal Protect, Extra dry, Sanitation, and 24-hour Delay Start Timer.

The Auto cycle is meant to detect the load size automatically and select optimal water temperature, while the NSF-certified Sanitize cycle removes up to 99.999% of food bacteria.

With its hybrid tub materials, fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish and self-latching door, this model is durable, stylish, and efficient.

The hidden top control panel features an LED display to indicate the remaining cycle time. In addition, the InfoLight®  indicator illuminates the floor to show cycle progress.

This is one of the quietest models, with the average run of 48 dBA. It’s ENERGY STAR® compliant with the yearly energy consumption of 269 kwh.


The Bosch SHEM63W55N is a 300 series dishwasher with stainless steel interior and improved capacity.

The three-level racking system offers up to 16 place settings, increasing overall load intake by 30% compared to 2-rack models.

The RackMatic® technology offers 9 positions and 3 settings of height adjustment for the upper rack, while the FlexSpace™ tines can be folded to free up space for wide items.

The long silverware basket and the v-shaped 3rd rack add more space, with the latter accommodating tall utensils and glassware.

There are 5 cycles and 4 options, including Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Regular, 1 Hour, Rinse & Hold, Extra dry, Half Load, Sanitation, and 24-hour Delay Start.

The time-efficient Speed60® cycle takes only 1 hour to complete, and the Extra Dry option uses the hidden heating element to dry the dishes faster by extending the duration of the process.

Additionally, the Extra Shine option can be set to conclude every cycle except Rinse, making sure all glassware is sparkling clean. The featured AquaStop® system ensures your dishwasher is protected from leaks 24/7, minimizing any possible water damage.

This Bosch dishwasher comes with one of the quietest sound packages, operating at only 44 dBA. It’s ENERGY STAR® certified, meeting all energy consumption requirements.


The Bosch SHPM65Z55N is a 500 series dishwasher with automatic door release and premium racking system.

The 16 available place settings are provided by the flexible 3rd rack, full-extension upper rack, and removable silverware basket.

The 3rd rack is designed with foldable “wings” and adjustable tines to fit oddly shaped items and large cookware. The multi-position RackMatic™ upper rack features the EasyGlide™ system that allows for faster loading and unloading of dishes.

Out of 5 main cycles and 5 options, including Intensive, Auto, Economy, Pre-Rinse, Chrystal Protect, Half Load, HygienePlus, and 24-hour Delay, the standout Speed60® programme can save time and water consumption, and the sensor-based Auto cycle adjusts water temperature automatically to serve specific load sizes.

The AutoAir drying system pops the door open, promoting condensation as well as air circulation and removing excess moisture from the dishes.

The top control panel provides accident-proof electro-mechanical operation, with LED display for time indication and sound alerts. The InfoLight® system installed in the bottom section indicates cycle status with amber light.

For enhanced floor protection, the responsive 24/7 AquaStop® Leak Protection System monitors water levels for signs of leakages and prevents possible hardware damage.

This dishwasher runs within the quietest sound range at 44 dBA, at the same time ensuring powerful energy-saving performance compliant with the ENERGY STAR® standards.


The Bosch SPX68U55UC is an 800 series dishwasher with compact dimensions and high levels of durability.

This is a compact and accommodating 18-inch wide model with 10 place settings and thee-level racking system. The 3rd rack has an ergonomic shape to allow loading of larger items on the level below, and the RackMatic® upper rack can be adjusted into 9 positions and 3 height settings.

The water softener increases durability of the stainless steel tub and hardware elements, reducing the accumulation of lime on interior surfaces while softening the water for more delicate washing experience.

Additionally, all detergent is able to dissolve evenly and completely due to the dispersion system of the ActiveTab™ tray. Another safety feature is the AquaStop® Plus 4-Part leak protection that prevents water damage and protects delicate glassware.

The 6 cycles are Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Delicate/Economy Wash, Regular, Quick Wash, and Rinse & Hold, with additional 5 options of Extra dry, Sanitize, Extra Shine, Half Load, and 24-hour Delay.

Most importantly, the Half Load option allows you to save water and energy by reducing cycle duration and water intake.

Your delicate china and glassware can be carefully washed with the Glass or Eco cycle as it applies less amount of water which is heated at lower temperatures. The Eco cycle also shortens cycle time, consuming less energy.

This Bosch dishwasher includes hidden top controls and InfoLight® indicator of cycle status, making the general operation fast and accessible. It’s one of the quietest models in this range, running at only 44 dBA. It’s also ENERGY STAR® and NSF certified.


The Bosch SHEM3AY55N is a 100 series dishwasher with flexible racking system and reliable overflow leak protection.

This Bosch dishwasher offers up to 14 place settings provided by nylon-coated 300 series racks, with the adjustable upper rack, flexible cutlery basket and utility shelves for holding long items and flatware.

The stainless steel door latches on its own, staying put for easier loading and unloading while also speeding up the drying process.

The 6 cycles and 2 options include Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Regular, Delicate/Economy Wash, 1 Hour, Rinse & Hold, Sanitize, and 24-hour Delay Start.

The Delicate cycle allows you to clean your china and glassware items worry-free, and the express eco wash shortens cycle time to 30 minutes and less.

Easy-to-use front controls feature light indicators and LED display to show remaining cycle time. This is an EcoSense™ dishwasher that reduces energy consumption by almost 20%, meeting all ENERGY STAR® requirements. The operational noise level of this model peaks at 50 dBA, falling in the quieter sound range.


The Bosch SGE53X55UC is a 300 series dishwasher with enhanced safety features and versatile interior capacity.

The spacious racking system is coated with durable nylon and holds up to 13 place settings, including the ability to house various utensils in the flexible silverware basket.

The upper rack features the RackMatic® system that allows for automatic adjustment into the middle-rack position in order to fit tall glassware and other bulky items. There are 9 positions and 3 height settings available.

This model provides 4 cycles and 4 options, including Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Regular, Rinse & Hold, Sanitize, 24-hour Delay Start, Chrystal Protect, and Extra dry. The featured Sensor cycle selects all parameters automatically by detecting load size with integrated sensors.

The washing process is enhanced not only with the application of variable water pressure, but also the addition of water softener for superior cleaning results and reduced damage to the interior surfaces.

Additionally, the integrated ActiveTab™ dispenser tray ensures full dissolution of all detergents, while the AquaStop® Plus system provides an improved 4-Part Leak Protection.

The black front control panel matches well with the clean stainless steel finish and provides light indicators as well as time countdown via multi-purpose LED display. This Bosch dishwasher is ADA compliant, ENERGY STAR® certified, and runs at a whisper-quiet 46 dBA.

In Conclusion

Is Bosch the best dishwasher?

According to consumer reports and field test reviews, Bosch dishwashers are one of the most reliable models in the current market, with major advantages provided by the highly developed customer and repair services. As a global brand, Bosch makes a variety of dishwasher series  designed for specific consumer requirements with fastest cycles and a wide range of extra specs.

Where are Bosch dishwashers made?

Bosch is registered in Germany as a part of the world’s 3rd largest home appliance company known as the Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group, or the BSH. In the United States, Bosch dishwashers are mainly manufactured in North Carolina.

Are Bosch dishwashers worth it?

Bosch remains at the top of the list of customer picks. Regardless of the price range, Bosch dishwashers deliver consistent quality of performance with quiet levels of operation while holding one of the lowest repair rates among all appliance brands. It’s worth buying a Bosch dishwasher if you look for a durable and reliable model that provides easier maintenance and heavy duty output for longer periods of time.

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