Best 18 Inch Dishwasher

Even though many households may need a dishwasher at one point or another, not all of them have the space for it. Some smaller kitchens simply can’t fit a regular size dishwasher. The perfect solution to meet space restrictions without sacrificing the washing performance is a dishwasher that measures 18 inches in width, or lower. These models have the same operational features as the regular size dishwashers, meaning they are able to serve large households or heavy just as well.

Top-3 18 Inch Dishwashers on the Market

Best Bosch 18 Inch Dishwasher
Best Bosch 18 Inch Dishwasher
Best GE 18 Inch Dishwasher

Things to Consider

The main features to look out for when browsing for an 18-inch dishwasher are the number of cycles, sound rating, capacity, and energy rates. Which features and how many of them should be prioritized depends on your budget, the needs of your kitchen, and the number of family members.


In general, dishwashers of this size have between 3 and 7 cycles. Models with fewer programmes can still offer a great selection of options, namely hot wash options and delay timers for schedule flexibility. If having a wider selection of cycle options is one of your main priorities, look for dishwashers with 6 or 7 cycles. Fewer cycles can also be extremely useful with the right application of hot wash options. Automatic cycles that use soil sensors is a great wash setting to have for saving water and energy. Other efficient programmes include light and rinse cycles aimed for smaller loads or lightly soiled glasses.

Sound Rating

Measured in A-weighted decibels, or dBA, the sound rating describes the noise level of an operating dishwasher during an average cycle. Similar to the sound range of full-size models, 18-inch dishwashers are divided into quietest, quieter, and average. More expensive dishwashers come with improved sound packages that provide better insulation. The sound-proofing of those units make them the quietest, with the sound rating between 40 dBA and 45 dBA. Quieter dishwashers also run smoothly, usually at the sound rating between 45 dBA and 60 dBA. Average sound rating in dishwashers makes for comfortable operation similar to the level of normal human speech.


Most 18-inch dishwashers have the capacity between 8 and 10 place settings. If you need a smaller dishwasher with the largest possible amount of interior space, look for models that have a third rack or extra sections for cutlery and cups.


The efficiency of a dishwasher is defined by its energy intake and whether the model is ENERGY STAR® certified. This includes the yearly energy consumption measured in kilowatts per hour, or kWh, and water intake per average cycle. The lower the annual energy usage is, the better. Smaller dishwashers can use between 234 kWh/yr and 305 kWh/yr, with the optimal average number falling between 265 kWh/yr and 270 kWh/yr. Other qualifiers include National Sanitation Foundation certification and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.

Review of the Best 18-Inch Dishwashers


The Bosch SPE53U55UC is a built-in dishwasher with compact design and versatile loading capabilities.

This 300 series Bosch dishwasher offers a flexible racking system, consisting of the spacious lower rack and 3-position adjustable upper rack, both of which offer up to 9 place settings.

The lower rack features 2 rows of fold-down tines and a removable silverware basket for more loading versatility. In addition to 3 position settings, a fold-down cup shelf and a row of tines, the upper rack is equipped with the dissolution-enhancing ActiveTab™ tray that serves as a collecting tray for tabs as well as the upper rack handle.

Other expanding sections include a Vase Holder for securing tall glassware and Plastic Item Clips that can safely hold light-weight culinary items like lids and cups.

One of the notable features of this model is the internal Water Softener. This system dramatically improves the dishwasher’s cleaning properties with a simple addition of water-softening salt.

There are 4 main cycles: Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Regular, Rinse & Hold, as well as 4 additional options, including Extra Shine®, Sanitize, Delicate, and 24-hour Delay Start.

The Auto cycle uses integrated soil sensors to determine the best wash parameters of each load, making mixed loads with different levels of soilage easier to clean. 

For lightly soiled loads that need to be rid of unpleasant odors, the Rinse cycle can remove all smells and spots while using less water compared to a manual rinse. Available with Power Scrub Plus, Auto, and Regular, the Delicate option is aimed to reduce the clouding of glassware by lowering the wash temperature.

To get drier and shinier dishes, run the Extra Shine® option with your cycle. This option increases the wash temperature and prolongs the drying process generated by the hidden heating element whose inherent heat is safe for plastics.

The safety properties are enhanced by the AquaStop® Plus technology. In the event of any type of leakage, this 4-part leak protection system shuts down the dishwasher and drains the excess water to insure your floor and other kitchen surfaces from damage.

This is a quiet 46 dBA dishwasher certified by the ENERGY STAR®, consuming only 259 kWh annually.


The Bosch SPX68U55UC is an 800 series dishwasher with a three-level racking system and quiet operation.

With the inclusion of the third-level cutlery drawer, this compact model increases place setting capacity up to 10 configurations.

The 3rd rack holds a variety of flatware and other culinary items that can’t fit in lower compartments. Both upper and lower racks feature 2 rows of flip tines to provide more loading flexibility. Additionally, the Rackmatic® system of the upper rack allows you to adjust it into 3 height positions to fit taller and wider items.

Extra item sections include a Vase Holder, flexible cutlery basket, foldable cup shelf, and plastic item clips. The ActiveTab™ tray is designed both to collect tabs for better dissolution and serve as the upper rack handle.

There are 6 cycles: Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Delicate/Economy Wash, Regular, Quick Wash, and Rinse & Hold. Additional 5 options include Half Load, Delicate, Sanitize, Extra Shine®, and 24-hour Delay Start.

The Economy cycle should be used with delicate kitchenware as it lowers the water temperature and decreases cycle duration to protect glass materials and conserve energy. 

To wash lightly soiled items and further cut down on energy intake, the Quick Wash cycle is the best choice, cleaning various glassware and light dishware to be used for the same occasion. 

The Half Load option saves you water and energy whenever you need to wash smaller loads that occupy only half of the capacity. For drier and more hygienic dishes, select the Sanitize option that applies pre-heated water and rinse aid to remove all food soil bacteria.

General cleaning performance is increased by the use of the internal Water Softener that functions best with water-softening salt and eliminates all smudge and cloudy effects from glassware.

Extra protection is ensured by the 24/7 AquaStop® Plus system. By using a highly responsive sensor system and adding superior tub insulation, this technology can contain all types of leaks whenever they may occur.

Featuring an advanced indicator system, this dishwasher alerts you of programme completion and low levels of various washing additives. In addition, it uses the InfoLight® LED system to show the cycle status by illuminating the floor with ambient light.

Running at only 44 dBA, this Bosch dishwasher is among the quietest in this range. It’s also ENERGY STAR® certified.


The GE PDT145SGLWW is a multi-position dishwasher with efficient filtration and flood control system.

With its spacemaker design and stem-safe racking, this GE dishwasher is able to provide up to 8 place settings and extra space for cups and cutlery.

The upper rack features a plastic utility shelf and can also be adjusted by height to accommodate larger items, while the lower rack offers a row of fold-down tines and a removable cutlery basket with a handy cell cover. 

This model features a 3-level wash system and 3-stage easy clean filtration, ensuring a safe and thorough cleaning of your dishware. The dual pump increases efficiency, while the Piranha™ hard food disposer with removable filter enhances washing results and protects wash arms from clogging by rotating its stainless steel blade at 3,600 RPM.

The are 3 main cycles and 5 additional options: AutoSense, Heavy Wash, Light Wash, WashTemp, Boost, Sani (NSF 184 Certified), Start/Reset, 12-hour Delay Start, and Child Lock.

The AutoSense sets optimal cycle parameters by detecting soil levels of each load, making it suitable for energy-saving daily usage and especially for full loads. The 48-minute Light Wash is meant for lightly soiled and delicate items like china and crystal.

During the final rinse, the NSF-certified Sanitize option increases water temperature to sanitize every item, removing up to 99.999% of all food bacteria. The Boost option also increases wash temperature, extending the cycle duration for superior cleaning performance.

This GE dishwasher is ADA compliant and suits 34-inch counters as well as raised subfloors, making it accessible and easy to install. This model is ENERGY STAR® compliant.


The Electrolux EIDW1805KS is a durable stainless steel dishwasher with smart controls.

Featuring Luxury-Glide® technology, this model allows for full and smooth extension of both racks, amounting to 8 place settings. The upper rack provides extra space for cups while the lower rack can hold various cutlery in its removable silverware basket.

The AquaLux™ direct delivery wash system is utilized on 4 wash levels with the help of smart soil sensors, ensuring consistent cleaning results of all load types and sizes.

The 5 cycles are Heavy, Normal, Quick, Eco, and Rinse, with 4 additional options of Air Dry, Hi Temp Wash, Sanitize, and 2-4-6 Hour Delay Start.

The Heavy cycle is a great selection for large cookware with baked-on food stains, while the Quick and Rinse settings, designed for light loads and pre-rinsed dishes, are able to reduce water intake and energy consumption.

During the Hi Temp Wash, the main cycle adds hotter water—pre-heated at approximately 140°F—to assist the detergent in removing grease while also improving the drying process.

The main drying option of this model is Heated Dry that applies a combination of heater-generated hot air with rinse aid for optimal performance. The Air Dry option avoids using the heating element, increasing the drying time but also improving sanitation. It can be selected prior to any cycle.

Fully-integrated IQ-Touch™ control panel is both stylish and responsive. Your wash options and extra settings are always clearly highlighted and ready for selection.

This Electrolux dishwasher operates at a comfortable level of 56 dBA. Awarded for Design Excellence, this model also comes with NSF and ENERGY STAR® certifications.


The Frigidaire FFBD1831US is a built-in dishwasher with a durable racking system and wide selection of cycles.

Nylon-coated deluxe racking system includes two levels that hold 8 place settings, with the upper rack providing a shelf for cups and the lower rack fitting different types of cutlery in the removable silverware basket.

This Frigidaire dishwasher utilizes a Smart Wash System to automatically detect the required cycle based on the load size and soil levels. For boosting the overall cleaning performance, the multiple filter system is designed to include three self-cleaning mesh filters that divide clean water and dirty water, keeping them separate.

There are 6 cycles: Heavy Wash, Normal Wash, 1 Hour Wash, China Crystal, Energy Saver, and Rinse Only, as well as the main options that include Hi Temp Wash, Heated Dry, Sanitize, 24-hour Delay, and Control Lock.

The time-efficient 1 Hour Wash cuts down on water intake, servicing lightly soiled loads without adding the extensive drying cycle. The Energy Saver cycle is also meant for lightly soiled and pre-rinsed items as it doesn’t apply options that result in high energy consumption.

The front control panel features a cycle progress indicator, showing wash progress by lighting up each stage throughout the entire cycle duration.

Certified by ENERGY STAR® and NSF, this energy- and space-efficient model also meets ADA and ASSE 1006 requirements.


The Danby DDW1804EBSS is an energy-efficient dishwasher with express cycles and hot wash options.

With 8 place settings and 2 full-extension racks, this Danby dishwasher provides space for a variety of kitchenware, including cups, glasses, and small plates in the upper rack as well as large cookware with cutlery sets in the lower rack and silverware basket.

For best possible performance, this model uses a Smart Wash System to detect optimal cycle for different loads. For a small amount of dishes and lightly soiled glassware, the system will select a shorter cycle with reduced water intake. For larger loads with heavy soilage, a cycle with more powerful spray application will start automatically.

There are 6 main cycles: Heavy, Normal, ECO, Glass, Rapid, and Rinse. The ECO cycle is aimed to conserve energy and wash light loads, whereas Rapid and Rinse reduce water intake when cleaning glassware and pre-rinsing dishes.

Additional options include: Hi Temp Wash that maintains water temperature at 140°F, Heated Dry that utilizes the heating element, and Sanitize which operational water temperature is 156°F.

Easy-to-use front controls feature indicator lights for wash stage status and a digital display for showing remaining cycle time. This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® certified, consuming only 234 kWh each year.


The Haier QDT125SSKSS is a multi-cycle dishwasher with touch controls and ergonomic design.

Two durable nylon racks provide 8 place settings, including the utility shelf in the upper rack and the removable silverware basket in the lower rack. The basket can be loaded with or without the topper: no cover gives more space for tall items whereas keeping the cover prevents utensils from nesting.

The wash system works on 4 levels, using 2 wash arms, a dual pump and 3-stage easy clean filter system. 

There are 7 cycles: Heavy, Normal, Light, Glasses, Air-Dry, Speed, and Rinse. For lightly soiled items, you can use the Light cycle or the Glasses cycle, with the latter designed to clean glassware and small plates, finishing with lower temperature dry.

If you want to avoid the heated dry option altogether, there is a dedicated Air-Dry cycle that doesn’t apply the heating element after the wash, using condensation drying instead. The 24-hour Delay option can be set to start the cycle in 1 hour increments, accommodating your daily schedule.

Suitable for raised subfloors and 34-inch countertops, this Haier dishwasher meets ADA requirements and matches most kitchen layouts.

Fully-integrated controls add to the smooth stainless steel design and easily respond to your touch, making washing your dishes more efficient.


The SPT SD-9252W is a quiet built-in dishwasher with an energy-saving operation and all-purpose wash system.

There are 8 place settings in total, located in the upper rack that holds cups, saucers, and glasses, as well as the lower rack best used for large cookware and deep bowls. There is an extra tablet tray attached to the upper rack. The lower-rack silverware basket accommodates different types of cutlery and culinary utensils.

There are 6 cycles: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse, and Speed, with the additional 24-hour Delay option.

The efficient All-in-1 cycle skips the rinse aid, using all-in-1 tablets that are placed in the tablet container in the upper rack. The Heavy cycle is the longest wash setting aimed for scrubbing the messiest cookware, and the 25-minute Rinse cycle is a useful programme for light loads that only need a quick wash to be rid of odors.

Accessible front controls feature a time countdown display and indicator lights to show rinse aid level warnings, error codes, and wash stages. The stainless steel interior is built to last and protect from rust while at the same time providing better sound insulation.

This SPT dishwasher operates at 55 dBA and meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for energy efficiency, consuming 265 kWh a year.

In Conclusion

What is the best 18 inch dishwasher?

The quality of any 18-inch dishwasher depends on what type of setting you expect it to service. Best budget models are made by SPT and Danby, while the quietest dishwashers with more powerful output belong to Bosch and GE. According to consumer reports, Frigidaire is considered to be among the most reliable brands.

Is an 18 dishwasher too small?

Most 18-inch dishwashers share all key features of full-size dishwashers and only differ in the number of place settings they can hold. The slightly reduced load capacity still offers a considerable amount of space which is more than enough for smaller kitchens that require more compact dishwashers.

What is standard size of dishwasher?

Average standard size dishwashers are 24 inches wide, 34 inches high, and 24 inches deep with minimal deviations.

How much is a small dishwasher?

Depending on the brand, finish materials, and wash systems, small dishwashers are priced between 280$ and 980$. An average 18-inch dishwasher costs approximately 500$.

Is 46 decibels loud for a small dishwasher?

The sound level of 46 dBA falls in the quieter range, rated between normal conversation and a whisper. The average run of a small dishwasher with the 46 dBA sound rating is undisruptive and comfortably quiet.

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