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Are old dishwashers better than new models?

In terms of lifespan, yes. Old models were more expensive, quite noisy but more durable. New dishwashers are cheaper, more energy/water efficient, quiet, and convenient (fast cycles, various control settings, sensors, filters).

Are stainless steel dishwashers better?

They are a little more durable and energy-efficient, which means they will last longer. However, if we are talking about the stainless steel tub, the material doesn't really matter when it comes to cleaning performance. So it's all about durability and energy usage here.

What colors are dishwashers available in?

Every dishwasher manufacturer has its own color choices for the appliances. Some have custom options and more than 200 color options. Some only have regular stainless steel, matte, white, and black finish. In fact, modern models allow you to change their colors using replacement panels to fit your kitchen interior and other appliances.

Here Are The Most Popular Questions

An average dishwasher’s lifespan is around 8 years. Some last 6 years, some 10. High-end models may last up to 12 years. As always, it all depends on cost, quality, maintenance, and frequency of use. All the mentioned factors affect the life of a dishwasher. Modern models often offer smooth and quiet operation, lower water usage, better energy efficiency, and design.

If you are looking for more durability, as it always is the case with stainless steel, then you definitely have to look for a more expensive dishwasher. Plus, they are more energy-efficient. Cheaper machines have plastic tubs, however, the exterior can be stainless steel. So make sure to check that. By the way, you should know that tub material does not affect the cleaning performance of the machine.

You may be surprised but sometimes it’s not. It all depends on the problem. When you simply need to replace parts like a pressure switch, fill valve, soap dispenser, drain pump, anode rode or door latch/handle, the machine is worth repairing. Also, the control panel should be estimated by experts. Consider dishwasher’s warranty, its lifespan (if it’s more than 8 years, you probably need a new one), repair cost (if it’s higher than a half of your machine, consider buying a new model), repair type (simply replacing dishwasher parts is not a big deal but repairing the motor or circulation system can cost you a lot). Stay alert and keep an eye on your dishwasher operation, since minor troubles can become major ones if not taken care of in time. Also, make sure your machine is level and run full loads only.

Manufacturers recommend that you do “service wash” your machine once every few months. Basically, there’s no need to service it regularly – you will not be able to prevent a breakdown anyway. The interior of a dishwasher needs no cleaning if used regularly. However, as mentioned before, you need to stay alert and pay attention to warning signs (loud noises, leaks, corrosion, frequent on/off switches, too long washing cycles, etc.) of your machine. Dishwashers are typically low-maintenance appliances and only need service when some problems occur. Some models also have self-cleaning modes.

Yes, if you need to clean the interior when it has not been used for a long time (more than a week). In this case, odors, stains, or even mold may occur inside the dishwasher. You can clean your interior and eliminate bacteria in it by running 1-2 cups of vinegar (dishwasher-safe container) through the full hot-water cycle of the empty machine. Or use everyone’s favorite alkaline compound – baking soda – simply sprinkle it across the bottom of your machine and run a short hot-water cycle.

Of course, Bosch has long ago proved its reliability in various product lines. The manufacturer is also famous for its outstanding customer service and warranty (1 year for labor and parts, 5 years for the racks and e-systems, and the tub with door liner have a lifetime warranty). Great design (pocket-handle and bar-handle models), spacious interior, durability, smooth and quiet operation, energy efficiency, extra adjustable racks, and additional features are what makes Bosch a trusted and one of the bestselling brands.